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July 11, 2020 3 min read

We had a great time at PAWmicon this week (and we raffled off a Starter Kit to some very good looking pups), and even though we were bummed that the pandemic kept everyone from meeting up in person, we were thrilled to see that lots of folks from outside of San Diego got to attend.

That made us wonder what other events have gone virtual, and it turns out PAWmicon isn't the only one. We thought we'd do our part to highlight some great dog fundraisers for some great charities that anyone can attend this year because they've gone virtual. 

WyoGives - Wyoming Nonprofit Network

WyoGives is a day of giving organized to benefit Wyoming charities on July 15, 2020. It will include pet fundraisers for some of the best animal charities in the state, including Black Dog Animal Rescue, the Cheyenne Animal Center and the Fur Kids Foundation. In addition to taking donations, WyoGives has also organized extra cash prizes for charities based on their fundraising. 

Fur Ball 2020 - Humane Society, Pikes Peak Region

Fur Ball 2020

This Hawaii Fid-O themed Humane Society fundraiser will raise money to help homeless, abused and neglected animals in the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado. It will feature an auction from Friday, July 24 to Monday, August 3 and lots of Hawaii Fid-O themed outfits (with pictures taken safely at home, of course). Use the hashtag #FurballHSPPR to join the fun! The main event will be livestreamed at 7pm MDT on August 1, so RSVP now to join some dog lovers for a great Humane Society fundraising event.


Virtual Dog Jog 2020 - National Mill Dog Rescue

Virtual Dog Jog 5kThis charity dog walk/run on August 22 is usually a 5k but has gone virtual this year, and it supports a great cause - survivors of puppy mills. You can still run the 5k, just do it around your neighborhood or on your treadmill. There are just a few more days to get their early bird registration price, so don't wait!

We'll be a vendor at the Virtual Dog Jog, so we definitely encourage you to come check us out - there might just be discounts in it for you!

15th Annual Charity Dog Walk - Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation

Charity dog walk

They've done it for 14 straight years, and they're going to make it 15 come hell or high water (or global pandemic)! Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation is a great dog charity out of Waynesville, NC, but you can join from anywhere. They're asking that folks participate by purchasing a shirt with their special virtual dog walk logo on it and posting pictures of themselves and their pets online with the hashtag #sarges2020. They're not just looking for people walking their dogs, though - there will be awards for best trick, best tail wag and more! The event will be held August 15-22, so you've got lots of time to teach your pup something extraordinary to show off.

2020 Virtual K94K - LAPS

LAPS is the League for Animals and People of the Summit, a nonprofit out of Frisco, CO that does lots of dog charity work including helping get them spayed and neutered. They've also recently introduced a Covid-19 veterinary assistance program to help provide a stipend to pet owners in need during these times. Unfortunately their registration comes with some swag that must be picked up locally, but we're sure they wouldn't mind if you made a donation and let them keep the swag. To participate, just go for a run with your pup on August 1 or 2 and post photos to Instagram @summitlaps80443 and on Facebook with the hashtag #lapsk94.


We're going to continue looking out for all the pet fundraiser that have gone virtual this year and posting them here. If you want to support some great causes, sign up for our newsletter (it's right at the bottom of the page) and we'll keep you updated. If you know any, please shoot us an email at and let us know about them!