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We started Cooper's Treats because we wanted to give everyone a way to make easy homemade dog treats to show some love to their pups. Since it's always hot at our HQ in San Diego, CA, we knew a frozen treat was the way to go. Our no bake dog treats are simple to make - just combine our mix with water and freeze - because we want everyone to be able to do something special for their pups, whether you're eight or eighty.

Of course, we also wanted to make sure that our treats were healthy, which is why we spent months experimenting with combinations of the best ingredients we could find. Ultimately, we decided that our treats had to have real meat, because there's simply no substitute for that. After that, we added whole grains and other high-quality foods, but we kept each flavor to four ingredients, because you should be able to read and understand everything on the label if you're going to feed it to your best friend. Cooper eats more of these treats than anybody, and we don't cut corners when it comes to what he's eating.

Besides offering easy homemade dog treats, we're also dedicated to helping dogs. While we're still a young company and not quite able to make the big donations to rescues and other dog charities that we'd like to just yet, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of all the dog fundraisers that have gone virtual due to Covid-19. We know raising money is tough, so it's our way of helping to make sure local organizations can keep helping out deserving pups. We're also sponsoring as virtual dog charity events as we can, so we certainly hope to see you at some of them.

We hope you'll give a Pupsicles a try - we really do believe they're the best easy homemade dog treat, especially for toasty summer days. We're dedicated to making sure we offer healthy, delicious treats to your pups, because we feed them to ours too.

Last but not least, Cooper says thanks for reading! :)

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Cooper's Treats is located at 4771 Seaford Pl., San Diego, CA 92117.