Easy Homemade Dog Treats - The Cooper's Treats Mission



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Easy, Healthy Homemade Dog Treats - The Cooper's Treats Mission

Hi there - I'm Alex, the founder of Cooper's Treats, and I appreciate you wanting to learn more about our mission.

Cooper Alex and Maple

I started Cooper's Treats because I believe two things when it comes to do treats:

  1. You should be able to pronounce everything in the treats you give your dog, and every ingredient should be healthy and high quality.
  2. Homemade treats are the best treats.

Quality and Pronounceability

Our first product was our frozen Pupsicle Mix, and I developed it over a hot summer in San Diego, CA. I wanted to give Cooper some delicious, frozen treats, but when I looked at what was out there, everything had ingredients like carboxymethylcellulose, thiamin mononitrate and pyridoxine hydrochloride (seriously - these are still the ingredients our competitors use). I just couldn't get behind feeding something to Coop when I couldn't even pronounce the ingredients.

So I set out to make my own frozen treats - instead of using a bunch of chemicals, though, I took some freeze dried meat, blended it into a powder, mixed it with water and froze it. Cooper loved it, and I added just a few other high-quality ingredients to perfect the recipe. That's how Cooper's Treats was born, and I promise that no matter what, you'll be able to pronounce everything in our treat mixes. 

Made at Home With ❤️

After the first few times I made our Pupsicles for Cooper, he started to stare up at me with anticipation with those big, beautiful eyes when I got out the Pupsicle Mix. Those eyes are why I truly believe that there's no better way to show your dog some love than with a homemade treat. 

But I know not everyone has the time to blend freeze dried meat into a powder, or, in the case of our Baked Biscuit Mix, to go buy all of the ingredients and measure them out one by one. That's why I decided to make all of our products as easy as possible - all you have to do is add water and freeze or bake. Because every dog deserves a homemade treat.

Giving Back

Both of my dogs, Cooper and Maple, are rescues, so helping dogs in need is close to my heart. I walk dogs for the rescue we adopted Maple from, but it has always been part of my vision for Cooper's Treats to give back some of our profits to dogs in need. That's why we frequently partner with rescues and other dog-related charities to give a portion of our sales back and help very good dogs!

Thank You

So with that, let me just thank you for reading this far. Dogs mean the world to me and have brought a tremendous amount of joy into my life, so with every decision I make for this company, I am always trying to make dogs' lives better.

Since you've made it to the end, let me just encourage you to take a look at our Baked Biscuit Starter Kit and our Pupsicle Starter Kit - I promise your dog will thank you.


Alex, Cooper, Maple and the whole Cooper's Treats family