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July 21, 2020 2 min read

I don't know either of my dogs' birthdays - when I adopted them, they were both about a year old (at that adorable stage where they're big but still have giant puppy feet), but that's all I know about their ages. Still, like everybody with a dog, I feel compelled to celebrate them once a year, so naturally we celebrate their gotcha day with lots of gifts!

And since you're reading this on the Cooper's Treats blog, I'm sure you can figure out how we celebrate - with Pupsicles! Of course, since we're regularly testing new Pupsicle flavors on our dogs, we also augment that with new toys, lots of scratches and everything else a dog might want to have a happy gotcha day :).

If you've been wondering what to get your pup when that special time of year comes around, just remember, a Cooper's Treats Starter Kit is the perfect gift for gotcha day! It also just so happens that it's the perfect gift for dog lovers for any occasion - from the best Valentine's gift to the best Christmas gift for dogs.

But if you want to go a different route, let us make a few other suggestions:

Personalized pillows

There are lots of companies out there that will make a nice personal pillow of your pup! We would never, ever do this for Cooper, because he would absolutely rip it to shreds, but if your dog doesn't feel a deep-seated compulsion to tear apart any toy you give him, this could be a great idea. It's also the perfect gift for dog lovers in your life.

Dog portrait

Gifts for dog lovers

Have you ever felt a nagging feeling that something is missing in your dog's life, but you can't quite place what it is? I know the answer - it's a painted portrait of your pup in an elaborate outfit. You can get some great ones from Crown and Paw, but if we're honest they just don't get to quite the majestic size I needed for Cooper. If you would like a comically large one like this two foot by three foot masterpiece, shoot us an email at info@coopersdogtreats.com and let us know - we've got a guy who can do that for you, and we'll be happy to hook you up. By the way, if you don't have a dog, this one is another perfect gift for dog lovers and an ideal Christmas present for dogs.

Throw your dog a party!

What's more fun than getting together with your other dog friends for a good time? Get together at the park, or if you want to be more exclusive about it and don't have your own yard, you can always rent one through Sniffspot. And obviously we'd be remiss not to mention that some Pupsicles are the perfect treat for your dog and friends to share :).