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June 20, 2020 1 min read

It's your pup's birthday! (Or maybe it's gotcha day, or graduation from obedience classes, or just a random Tuesday when you feel like showing your dog a lot of love). How should you celebrate? Perhaps a dog birthday cake?

dog birthday cake

Let's be honest - unless you live in a big city, it can be tough to find a dog bakery, and even if you do, the birthday cakes they sell often don't have the best ingredients for your pup (and if you have to order online, you might end up with something packed with unhealthy preservatives!). Sometimes those bakeries are more focused on making sure that cake will look good on Instagram, so you'll post it and tag them, than how good it is for your best friend.

So let us here at Cooper's Treats offer a humble and unbiased (okay maybe neither of those things) opinion - instead of getting a dog birthday cake, give your pup some Pupsicles! That dog cake almost certainly doesn't have meat in it, unlike our recipes. That means not only are Pupsicles healthier for your dog, they're also more delicious! They're also easy to share with friends if you're throwing a dog birthday party (and who doesn't love to throw a dog birthday party?). 

This year when that birthday rolls around, we hope you'll give your pup the real meat she deserves. Skip the dog cake and go for some Pupsicles!