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August 24, 2020 2 min read

Is your dog a picky eater? Or are you just feeling a little guilty about feeding him the same food, day in and day out? If so, we have a recommendation - add some dog food seasoning! Give your pup a little extra flavor and make meal time even better, while adding important nutritional value.

While our favorite way to use our Pupsicle mix is, of course, to make Pupsicles, it just so happens that it also works as a great dog food seasoning. Just sprinkle a spoonful on top of your dog's kibble, and suddenly it's got great new smells and flavors for your pup to enjoy. On top of that, because Cooper's Treats are always made with real meat and other high-quality ingredients, you're adding protein and nutrients to your dog's meal.

We take for granted that our dogs eat the same diet every day, but the fact is they can really get bored of only having one thing - after all, wouldn't you? Unfortunately, unlike humans, dogs can't change what they eat every day without having stomach issues, which is why switching your dog's food should usually take place slowly over the course of a week.

Some people add in things like chicken broth, which is tasty but often packed with sodium. Others drop in table scraps of human foods, which can also be unhealthy. Sometimes putting a treat on top of the food is a nice change, but once the treat is gone (if your dogs are like ours, usually in one bite), it's back to regular kibble.

That's why dog food seasoning is an ideal solution - it's got all the right nutrition for your pup, and it's easy to add in with the whole bowl of food for extra flavor in every bite. You can also switch up your seasoning to keep things fresh - we recommend a week of Beef and Cheddar Pupsicle Mix then a week of Turkey and Cinnamon

I know I love spices on my food (a little garlic salt makes everything better), and I know my dog appreciates spices for his dog food. We hope you'll consider sprinkling a little Pupsicle mix on as some delicious dog food seasoning!