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Your Dog Deserves A Homemade Treat

Our Pupsicle Mix makes it a breeze to whip up healthy, delicious treats for your best friend right in your own kitchen.

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Why Choose Pupsicle Mix?

High-quality Ingredients

We use just a handful of nutritious ingredients that you can pronounce, like real meat, whole egg protein and cheddar cheese.

Real Meat

That's right - there's meat in this mix. How do we do it? We freeze dry it then blend it into a powder. Because dogs deserve meat.

Easy to Make

Just add water, pour into the mold and freeze. There's no easier way to give your dog fresh, homemade treats.

Guaranteed Delicious

If your dog isn't happy, we're not happy. We've yet to meet a dog who said no to Pupsicles, but if yours is the first, we'll give you your money back.

Ingredients You Can Pronounce

Have you looked at what's in premade, store-bought treats? We have, and it's not good. They're full of salt, sugar, preservatives, artificial colors and things it takes a PhD in chemistry just to pronounce, like caboxymethylcellulouse and pridoxine hydrochloride.

Not our Pupsicle Mix. We believe you should be able to understand what you're feeding your dog.

Freeze-Dried Meat

Both of our flavors of Pupsicle Mix start with good, old-fashioned meat. Dogs love it, and it's great for them - there's nothing better.

Whole Wheat Flour

We use high-grade whole wheat flour that's full of fiber and packed with nutrients.

Whole Egg Protein

To pack in a little extra protein punch and give a little more flavor, we add dried egg powder to each jar.

The Reviews Are In - Dogs Love Pupsicles!

"Definitely a hit in my house! Kira devoured the first batch and starts drooling when I get out the jar. I'll definitely be getting some for everyone for Christmas!"

Maya L.

Mom of Kira

"Both of the boys absolutely love these! They eat both of the flavors up. I love that they're easy to make, and when they're in the even the whole house smells wonderful."

Chloe P.

Mom of Gus and Brutus

"My order arrived fast and the box is super cute. I don't know how to cook at all but these were super easy. Lamia just lies in front of the oven and waits while these are cooking - it's so cute!

Alma R.

Mom of Lamia

Frequently Barked Questions

What's in Pupsicle Mix?

Beef and Cheddar: Freeze-dried beef, whole wheat flour, whole egg protein, cheddar cheese powder

Turkey and Cinnamon: Freeze-dried turkey, whole wheat flour, whole egg protein, cinnamon

How do you put meat into a powdered mix?

We freeze dry it then blend it into a powder. Because it's freeze-dried, your dog gets the nutrition benefits and delicious taste of real meat, but you don't have to worry about it spoiling.

How many treats does a jar make?

Each jar makes about 24 treats in our silicone treat mold.

Are the ingredients healthy?

Yes! Our ingredients are all natural, and our Pupsicle Mix contains no added salt, sugar or preservatives. Because we use real meat in our treats, they have more than double the protein of most premade dog treats.

Where are Cooper's Treats made?

They're made in Denver, CO. All of the ingredients are sourced from within the United States.

My dog is a picky eater. Will she like these?

We've yet to meet a dog who turned down our treats - that's why we offer a money back guarantee if your dog doesn't like them. That's the advantage of using real meat - it's the one thing all dogs love.

Are Pupsicles easy to make?

They're easy to make and easy to clean up - just add water to our mix, pour into the treat mold and freeze. Once the treats are frozen, you can put the treat mold straight into the dishwasher.

How many treats should I give my dog?

We suggest one treat per day for small dogs, two to three per day for medium dogs and three to five per day for large dogs.