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December 27, 2020 3 min read

Hi there folks - 2020 has been quite a year for all of us, and it's certainly been a big one for Cooper's Treats. We started the company in May with our Pupsicle Starter Kit, and the store looked like this:

Cooper's Treats Old Site

We knew that our dogs loved our treats, and we knew that we were incredibly proud to make them in America with just a handful of high-quality ingredients, always starting with real meat. The big question that remained was whether anyone would want to buy them.

We're deeply gratified to say that the answer has been a resounding yes. We've sent more jars of Cooper's Treats than we had dared to imagine all over America this year (and a few to Canada!). The reviews have been incredibly positive, and we've loved seeing the pictures of your pups enjoying our treats all over Facebook, Instagram and our inboxes.

Even though it's only been half a year since we launched, we've still made a ton of progress, thanks in large part to the feedback of our incredible customers. Since it's been a whirlwind year, we wanted to take a moment to highlight everything that's changed.

Pupsicle Mix

The Pupsicle Starter Kit was our first product, and we're incredibly proud of it. One lesson we learned, though, is that shipping is really expensive! We got lots of feedback that paying $5.99 in shipping was a lot for a $24.99 product, so we set out to figure out how to solve that.

In December, we introduced our new, sleeker Pupsicle Starter Kit. It still comes with two jars of Pupsicle Mix, but we took out one of the silicone treat molds as well as the plastic scoop (it turns out all of our customers already had their own spoons - who would've guessed?). That enabled us to redesign the box to be much smaller, which in turn brought our shipping costs down. More importantly, that also brought your shipping costs down - the PSK now ships free, always. That's on top of the fact that we've cut our carbon footprint meaningfully by reducing the emissions it takes to ship the PSK and the amount of waste it creates.

Baked Biscuit Mix

Pupsicles were great during the hot summer months, but as it got colder, people were looking for something better suited to fall and winter. That's why, just in time for Black Friday, we launched our Baked Biscuit Mix. The Baked Biscuit Starter Kit comes with two jars of Baked Biscuit Mix, plus some bone-shaped cookie cutters to make your treats look extra good for the gram. 

We sold a whole lot of BBSKs during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and we're eternally grateful to the folks who decided to take a chance on our new product. If the feedback we've received so far is any indication, the biscuits are a hit - they're fun to make and dogs love them. 

Doggie Deluxe Box

Also just in time for Black Friday, we launched the Doggie Deluxe Box. It's got everything - jars of every flavor of Pupsicle and Baked Biscuit Mix, treat molds, a lick mat, cookie cutters and a toy to boot. 

Most importantly, though, the launch of our Doggie Deluxe Box kicked off our first philanthropic effort, with 10% of all profits from the DDB going to charities that help dogs. We'll be making our first donation of the proceeds from December soon, so keep an eye out for new on that.


With all our new product launches, one thing that some of you may have missed is our Subscribe and Save program. If you bought a Starter Kit and want to keep the delicious treats coming every month, you can subscribe to monthly deliveries of any of our jars of Pupsicle Mix or Baked Biscuit Mix and get 10% off. On top of that, if you use the code SUB50, you'll get your first jar 50% off (minimum of three months' subscription with that offer).


It's been a great year (for Cooper's Treats, at least), and it's all thanks to all of you, our loyal customers. We can't thank you enough, and we look forward to bringing healthy, homemade treats into the homes of very good dogs everywhere! Happy 2021!